The Chocolate Alchemist
Organic Bean to Bar Chocolate


Small batch bean-to-bar chocolate from the only chocolate maker in Philly. World class drinking chocolate, gourmet truffles, and vegan creations. Sourcing from small organic farms via fair trade and direct trade.

Assorted 5-pack, Large

Assorted 5-pack, Large


Contains one of each of our large 2.2 oz bars:

Clasico  60% dark milk chocolate
Made from cacao from five different regions
With roasted hazelnuts, coconut, vanilla, and a touch of kosher salt

Goat Maple  65% dark goat milk chocolate
Made from a blend of Dominican and Peruvian cacao
Sweetened with local maple sugar

Cultivagro  75% single origin chocolate
Made from cacao from Ecuador
Sweetened with coconut sugar

Philly Blend  80% blend of cacao
Made from cacao from 5 different regions
Sweetened with coconut sugar

* We have replaced our Zarumilla with an even tastier new bar - we’ll surprise you!

Size: 5 large 2.2 oz bars

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