The Chocolate Alchemist
Organic Bean to Bar Chocolate


Small batch bean-to-bar chocolate from the only chocolate maker in Philly. World class drinking chocolate, gourmet truffles, and vegan creations. Sourcing from small organic farms via fair trade and direct trade.

Goat Maple 65%, Small, 3-pack

Goat Maple 65%, Small, 3-pack


65% bean-to-bar dark goat milk chocolate with local maple sugar and a blend of Dominican and Peruvian cacao.

Gluten free, nut free; no soy, no oils, no white sugar, no preservatives.

Ingredients: Organic, fair trade, direct trade Dominican and Peruvian cacao from small sustainable farms, local goat milk, and local maple sugar.

Size: 3 small 0.7 oz bars

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