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Learn more about our small batch bean-to-bar chocolate created by the only Chocolate Maker in Philly. We also handmake world class drinking chocolate, gourmet truffles, and vegan creations.



Our bean-to-bar chocolate is a vehicle for true flavor and pure natural energy. We use only the finest nutritionally-dense ingredients in the making of our chocolate.

All of our products are organic and gluten-free, and contain no soy, oils, white sugar, or preservatives.

All chocolate bars are available in two sizes, 0.7 oz and 2.2 oz.


Clasico  60% dark milk chocolate
Made from cacao from five different regions
With roasted hazelnuts, coconut, vanilla, and a touch of kosher salt

Philly Blend  80% vegan blend of cacao
Directly sourced from 5 different regions
Sweetened with coconut sugar

Goat Maple  65% dark goat milk chocolate
Made from a blend of Dominican and Peruvian cacao
Sweetened with local maple sugar

Cultivagro  75% vegan single origin chocolate
Made from cacao from Ecuador
Sweetened with coconut sugar

La Masica  84% vegan single origin chocolate
Made from cacao from Honduras
A dark earthy bold chocolate with unrefined panela sugar 

The Unexpected Blend  90% vegan blend of cacao
Directly from 3 different regions
Lightly sweetened with coconut sugar 


What makes OUR chocolate stand out?


1 ::  Our micro batch craft chocolate is made by hand and is minimally processed by our small tribe at our mini laboratory in Philadelphia.

2 ::  We never use refined cane sugar (i.e. white sugar). 

3 ::  Our chocolate is balanced, not just sweet and fruity, and has back end notes.

4 ::  Our flavor pairings and inclusions are years ahead of the game.

5 ::  We believe in blends over single origin offerings.  Why? When made well, blends offer a more balanced, complete, rounded, interesting flavor profile.

6 ::  We are not afraid to offer higher percentage and stronger, bolder chocolate in order to show the world what true chocolate is. 

7 ::  We are not candy makers. We utilize cacao / chocolate as a vehicle for true flavor, nutrition, and energy - not as a vehicle for refined sugar.

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Our Packaging 

The lokta plant – from which all of our product packaging is made – is renewable and a tree-free resource.  The plant completely regenerates from the same root system after being harvested.

Our paper is made in rural mountainous Nepalese villages, without the use of electricity or petroleum, and is transported via donkey caravan to the nearest passable road on what is often a five-day journey. From this road, it is then brought to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, where our supply partner allows limited use of electricity to light his workshop for his employees, who work cutting and calendaring the paper. The paper is then shipped direct to Casa Papel, a local Philadelphia family-owned business responsible for creating custom products from this beautiful handmade paper. 

Fair prices are paid for both the paper and products that are imported from Nepal. This is simply fair,  just and right.  Our partners deserve to benefit from the fruits of their labor equally as much as we do.  Business, like most relationships in life, is a two-way street. While endorsing this philosophy, our supplier is able to offer us a good value because he buys direct from the producers.  There is no middleman, agent, or freight forwarder anywhere in the picture.  We have every confidence that our earth-friendly, green and socially-responsible paper products will delight our customers!

Our paper is 100% acid free and is as green as green can be. 

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