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Small batch bean-to-bar chocolate from the only chocolate maker in Philly. World class drinking chocolate, gourmet truffles, and vegan creations. Sourcing from small organic farms via fair trade and direct trade.

Drinking Chocolate (Pre-Order)

Drinking Chocolate (Pre-Order)


Our packaged drinking chocolates are now "coming soon" and can be pre-ordered.

Our high-quality vegan drinking chocolate is made of hand-ground cacao nibs, organically grown by native and/or indigenous farmers, directly sourced from small cacao farms in Peru, Nicaragua, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Mexico. This is akin to genuine old-style European drinking chocolate - no refined sugars, soy, milk, or processed ingredients. It is as raw as drinking chocolate gets. Brought to you by Philadelphia's own Chocolate Alchemist, Robert Campbell.

Each drinking chocolate comes packaged in a sleek 8 oz container.

- Pre-Order: Our packaged drinking chocolate is being prepared for distribution and we are accepting pre-orders. In the coming weeks, we will notify all customers who've pre-ordered of the drinking chocolate release / shipment date. -

The Chocolate Alchemist's drinking chocolates on tap in this shop include:

Our original creamy hot chocolate, intended to be made with milk.
This blend consists of five different chocolates infused with
freshly ground hazelnuts, cocoa butter, Madagascar vanilla,
coconut, kosher salt, coconut sugar and maple sugar.

La Cuaima
This 80% dark chocolate blend was infused with
three chile peppers and Mexican cinnamon,
lightly sweetened with unrefined Panela sugar from Colombia.

El Cacique
A purist lovers' 90% dark chocolate blend,
inspired by the indigenous chocolate recipes of Latin America; 
lightly sweetened with unrefined Panela sugar from Colombia.

Sit down for a meal with us at Sazon Restaurant & Cafe, Chocolate Alchemist's Philadelphia base, and discover more varieties of our freshly served drinking chocolate!

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